Cardamom, which turns almost every recipe into a feast of taste with its attractive aroma, is getting more and more demanded in this respect. So, what do you know about cardamom?
The world is a place of diversity in every sense and hosts many different cultures. Thanks to globalization, people from all over the world can now be aware of each other. Thus, intertwined cultures become much richer. Of course, the cuisines of the countries get their share from this enrichment, and as a result, new flavors are discovered. One of these flavors is the famous spice of Asia, cardamom!
Cardamom; It is known as a wild plant species belonging to Asian lands, with broad green leaves on average four or five meters long. Botanists call all of the genus elettaria and amomum “cardamom”. The name of cardamom, known in Latin as Elettaria Cardamomum, is usually associated with the name of the place where it grows. Cardamom is a fruit-bearing plant, which increases the number of people who think of it as a “cardamom tree”. But this is not correct information. The cardamom fruit is quite small in size, yellowish green and off-white, and each contains a large number of seeds. These seeds in red-brown tones stand out with their pungent smell and dominant aroma.