Free Standing Cabinet

(800 x 1000 – 610 x 1000 mm)
D=1000 server cabinets offer 20 different size options in total; with W=600 and W=800 types and 10 different height options for each of these width options, ranging from 12U to 46U. It provides solutions for all server and storage installation requirements, in optimum height and volume, thanks to the product range offering overall 20 different size options.

Wall Mount Cabinets

(600 x 640 – 600 x 560 – 600 x 450 mm)
NETWORK Wall Type Cabinets are designed for small or medium sized network installation requirements. All types of 19” equipments of all trademarks and models are readily housed by keeping them in connection with each other, within said professional, wall type network cabinets. Thanks to its mountable structure to the wall, it may be easily used in cases where space is limited

Soho Type Cabinets

(300 x 400 – 306 x 300 mm)
SOHO cabinets are simple, small sized wall type network installation solutions with low cost, aesthetic appearance and robust structure.