In many areas of the country that performs the first company’s main product line of building and construction materials Turkey’s exports by volume approaching 500 million dollars in 2016. Among the most important items.Therefore, the country, which is the sixth in the world in this field, outperforms its rivals such as India, Germany, Italy and Spain, is among the AGP’s contributions to the Turkish Economy and its plans for the future.

Another important leap forward of the company is the branding efforts that it has accelerated in the recent period. The company contributed to the national economy with brand investments such as Eonant, Cubera, Alpha Nour, UIS and started to focus on these activities in 2017.

As well as experienced experts in the field of law, customs and financial advisors with a large team of consultants, each project first feasibility of the country’s leading exporter, then proceeding with reliable steps. This is the most important detail that distinguishes the company from its peers in foreign trade. In this way, it is the most powerful aspect of the company to produce solutions with its experienced team by being aware of the problems that may arise in any stage of the Import, Export or Transit Trade operations while it is not common in other companies in the sector.